Jesse Conner


Posted: 4/7/2022

A word game that was the result of spending too much time commuting.


Tools Used:

Choosing The Tools:

This was meant to be a quick and easy project just based on thinking that an obnoxiously hard version of Wordle would be a fun thing to do. The only complication that I really needed to deal with is that I didn’t want it to be too easy to cheat. For that, I ended up using Netlify Functions since I was already planning on hosting the app there.

The Process:

The idea for wordhecc came from sitting in traffic during which my friend and I discussed that it would be brutal/hilarious if there was a version of Wordle in which any word in the English was fair game and the length of the word in question wasn’t revealed to the player.

Obviously, that was grounds for making the app. I wanted to make sure that players couldn’t just pop open the developer tools and figure out what the day’s word was, so I used a serverless function to check the player’s guess against the correct word. Because of the lag involved in sending a request, a copy of the dictionary is sent to the client to verify if it is a valid word before the client can attempt to submit the word.

What’s Next?

I also started making a version for playdate as an excuse to learn some Lua, but sadly I don’t think that version will take off

You can play wordhecc at

You can view the source (and contribute!) at